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    Famous hotels around the world are famous for their unique traditions, special events or important people. For example, Cecilinhoff Palace in Potsdam, Germany, is famous for the location of the three Allied leaders of Truman and Stalin in 1945 to hold the Potsdam Conference.hotels around the world are famous for their unique traditions, special events or important people.





    Others, such as the Ritz Hotel in London, are well known for being mentioned in popular pop songs, and the two hotels themselves have a lot of celebrities in their minds. Other examples include the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.such as the Ritz Hotel in London.



    In accordance with international practice, the rent is calculated at 12 noon for the community, obsolete guests do not pay (check out) will be in accordance with the excess cost of time. This international practice comes from Europe. In order to save costs, hotel operators spontaneously formed a unified check-out time and hired cleaners to clean rooms in a unified time, and gradually evolved into commercial practices in the late 19th century.



    The modern sense of the luxury of hospitality guests accommodation business properties as "hotel", at least can be traced back in 1900 in Beijing East Jiaominxiang near the foreign investors founded the six countries hotel. It is one of the first luxury hotels in China to be recognized as one of the most important modern and contemporary Chinese cities of the 1920s.



    For example, if Sheraton Hotel in Taipei is operated by "Hospitality Management Consultants Co., Ltd.", Taipei W Hotel will construct "Era International Hotel Co., Ltd." for Prince Edward Hotel, which will be operated by Taiwans International Hotel Co., Ltd. , Not directly operated by the parent company of the International Hotel Group. There are also local enterprises in Taiwan to operate their own businesses, such as the Evergreen Laurel Hotel Chain "Evergreen Group" business.



    Hotel prices and quality, usually provided by the services provided by the decision. At the end of the 20th century, due to the substantial increase in the number of global visitors, the hotel has a lot of improvement in the standard of service, the world generally to the hotel level standard) for the hotel classification. The second largest city in the United Arab Emirates Dubai's Arab tower claims to be the world's only seven-star hotel, providing a variety of top-level services.



    Five-star hotel is the highest level of the hotel, generally contains more ancillary facilities, such as swimming pools, spas and high-level restaurants. Five-star hotel service level is called the most advanced services, so "five-star service" the word often appears in the life inside, refers to the highest level of enjoyment and living standards.